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Everything You Need to Know About Investing During COVID-19

The last few months have tested the mettle of even the most experienced investors. Since the market began its free-fall since March 1st, all of the major U.S. stock indices have fallen firmly into bear market territory, losing about 30% each. Unemployment applications are at a record high. Air travel

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The Most Effective Way to Learn a Foreign Language

Today, I am fluent in Mandarin and Portuguese, and high conversational in Spanish. I am in the process of learning language #5, Russian. Being fluent in 3 languages and conversational in 2 is not an easy process. I practiced every day. It took hundreds of hours of Duolingo, Quizlet flashcards,

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Top Tips Travelling to Mexico City

For this New Year’s, I was in Mexico City. After two weeks in the city, I can honestly say it is a place that I will keep coming back to. Just a 3-hour flight from Chicago and 5-hours from New York, CDMX has quickly become a popular weekend destination culture

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Top Tips Travelling to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the best sea-side destinations in Mexico. With more than a dozen beaches and spectacular sights to see, it is an excellent winter getaway. I had the chance to go for this most recent Christmas and had a blast. I arrived on 12/24 and left on

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Top Tips Travelling to Sao Paulo

Sao Paulo is a sprawling metropolis that is used to seeing more business travelers than tourists. With wide avenues, tall skyscrapers, and over 20 million people, I consider it Latin America’s “New York.” My first time in Sao Paulo was in September 2015. Since I do business in Brazil, I

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Top Tips Travelling to Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro has everything: miles of beaches to trendy restaurants, beautiful men and women, and wonderful nature experiences. My first time in Rio was in June 2015. It was also my first time in Brazil, and the experience was magical. Since then, I have been back almost a dozen

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Even More Travel Hacks!

Previously, I wrote a comprehensive list of travel hacks which you can see here: Part 1 and Part 2. However, we have rounded up even more travel hacks to help you travel! Booking (1)  When booking flights and hotels, enable private browsing mode. Travel sites track visitors using cookies and

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Most Useful Travel Hacks: Part 2

Over the last year, I traveled to seven different countries. That being said, I learned some interesting ways to be headache-free while traveling abroad. You can see hacks 1-6 in the prior post. In this post, I will be talking about hacks 7-15. 7. It is OK to Recycle Your

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Most Useful Travel Hacks: Part 1

Over the last year, I traveled to seven different countries and tried to be as minimal as possible. I learned some very interesting ways to be efficient while traveling abroad, which I will share below in no particular order. 1.  Have Jet Lag? Use Melatonin The first topic that comes

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Credit Card Churn: How I Made $6,000 in a Year

What is Credit Card Churning? The practice of churning is to sign up for new credit cards to get the promotion points or miles. You move onto another as soon as possible to earn points, and then close it immediately or before the annual fee is charged. Every time you

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