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The Best Investment Is In Yourself

Whatever money I have left after food, housing, and clothes, I learn on Coursera. Education is an investment in oneself. I am not talking about a $120,000 degree from Cornell or Dartmouth, but what you learn and then put into practice. Education is an investment that can pay more dividends

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Why Are Rich People Happier?

Peering into the lives of rich people is a guilty pleasure. Collectively love to hate them, even as we scroll through their Instagram pages or read what they buy. However, are they really happier than the rest of us? Based on the Data, the Answer is Yes What is interesting

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Why Some Smart, Hardworking People Never Become Successful

I believed that if smart people worked hard, they would eventually become successful. But as I grew older and began my career, I realized that this is not necessarily the case. Many people I knew who were intelligent and hard-working have gone on to have notable careers or start their

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9 Things You Should Work on in Your 20s

People define success in many different ways. Some think it is a certain amount of money, while others define it as your level of freedom. However, going back to my friends and colleagues who are currently in their 30s, there are a few common lamentations when asked what they should

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The Four Kinds of Capital

When people think about capital, they think about a stack of money. There are in fact four types of capital which I will explain below: 1. Financial Capital Financial capital is just a pile of money. It is the accumulation of money and other assets that can be used to

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