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How to Follow Through on Your 2020 New Year’s Resolutions

Every time January 1st comes around, millions of people set New Year’s Resolutions. However, by the time February begins, ½ of them have abandoned every single one. By March, the number is 80%. If 80% of people cannot stick with it for two months, something must be wrong with the

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Intermittent Fasting: Where to Start?

Most people eat five times a day — three meals and two snacks — to satisfy their hunger. After eating, blood sugar spikes and triggers the pancreas to release insulin into the blood. When you eat less frequently, less insulin is produced within the body. As a result, you are

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Intermittent Fasting: How It Changed My Life

Intermittent fasting is as it sounds. You are abstaining from calories for a period of time (usually 16 to 20 hours). There are a lot of intermittent fasting variations. I personally skip breakfast and lunch and only eat dinner at 7:00 P.M. After a few weeks of intermittent fasting, I

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Is the Beyond Meat Burger Healthy?

Nowadays, it seems like you cannot go to a restaurant without seeing an Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger. What is the big deal with these burgers? Are they healthy for us? Are they same as veggie burgers, or completely different? Here are a few answers below: 1. What Goes Into

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9 Things You Should Work on in Your 20s

People define success in many different ways. Some think it is a certain amount of money, while others define it as your level of freedom. However, going back to my friends and colleagues who are currently in their 30s, there are a few common lamentations when asked what they should

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3 Foods You Should Never Eat

In today’s developed world, we are overfed yet undernourished. Junk food has taken over and we often miss out on the real reason we eat: to obtain nutrients. Below are a list of foods that you should avoid: 1. Highly Refined Grains These include white bread, white rice, most cereals,

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