Founded in 2019, Million Dollar Tips aims to be one of the nation’s largest personal development websites. Its purpose is to assemble a central depository of tips, tricks, and life hacks to help people take control of their personal, professional, and financial goals. Want to learn a new language or earn a million dollars? We’re a community dedicated to help you getting there. Over the last year, we’re ranked as one of the fastest-growing blogs in America.

Our mission is to empower you to elevate your life, one tip at a time.

#1Fastest - Growing private media company by the inc. 5000

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Founder and CEO

William is an investor and the founder of Million Dollar Tips.

Having spent five years in the finance industry, he was growing professionally, but not personally. To be the person he wanted to be in five years, he started looking on the internet for tips and life hacks to live more efficiently. Committed to personal development, he learned three languages, how to play the guitar, took on a daily routine of yoga and swimming, and traveled to 15 new countries… all in under TWO years.

During his personal development journey, William noticed that the web lacked a community for life tips. Thus, Million Dollar Tips was born. He hopes the website can be a depository for life tips, tricks, and hacks and a community dedicated to personal development.

Before founding Million Dollar Tips, William spent five years in the finance industry, first working in investment banking, corporate, and finally as an investor. A proud resident of Chicago, you can find him in a local yoga studio, playing in jazz clubs around the city, or speaking Portuguese on his cellphone.

“It’s interesting where I am generation-wise. Born in the 1990s, I’m smack-dab between the Millennial and Gen Z generations. Our generation is more experience and personal self-development focused. We want to spend less time accumulating things, and more time enjoying our experiences and elevating our own lives.”

–William Founder and CEO