Even More Travel Hacks!

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Previously, I wrote a comprehensive list of travel hacks which you can see here: Part 1 and Part 2. However, we have rounded up even more travel hacks to help you travel!


(1)  When booking flights and hotels, enable private browsing mode. Travel sites track visitors using cookies and are programmed to raise prices on repeat visits.

(2)  When your schedule absolutely cannot have delays, book the first flight in the morning. Morning flights usually leave on time.

(3)  Check Airline websites, rather than just websites like Expedia and Orbitz. Sometimes, airline websites will offer better rates.

(4)  The ideal time to get discount fares is 51 days before the date of your trip. Airlines also release their deals on Tuesdays.

(5)  In the event that your flight is cancelled, do not wait in the queue. Pick up the phone and re-book it. And save the major airline numbers on your phone.

American Airlines: 800-433-7300

Delta: 800-221-1212

United Airlines: 800-864-8331

(6)  Baggage insurance will not cover anything. Buy annual travel insurance if you travel regularly.

(7) Look for offers on Groupon before you travel. Places like Singapore and Dubai have some amazing deals and you can book them online. You will get attractions for a much lower rate.

Groupon has excellent deals on excursions, like this one in Dubai, where I was able to get it with hotel included for $899.


(1)  Always pack few days before your trip. It helps you remember what to bring.

(2)  Carry left-over soap bars from home or your hotel room. Throw it inside your dirty laundry bag. When you are back, your suitcase would smell fresh.

(3)  Carry a sunscreen if you are traveling in summer.

(4)  Throw in an empty water bottle in your carry-on. Fill it up after security from a water dispenser. You will never have to buy a bottle of water.

(5)  Long flights mean dehydration. Carry moisturizer on your carry-on for your skin.

(6)  If you are taking a budget flight, pack a foldable backpack in your suitcase so you do not need to pay for another carry-on.

(7)  Carry a few pairs of underwear in your carry-on. In case your checked baggage is lost, your basics are covered.

(8)  Packing something fragile? Wrap it in a shirt.

(9)  Rather than dealing with cords, pack them away in a sunglasses case and keep the case tucked in your luggage.

(10)  Put anything that leaks into zip lock bags, so that all your clothes will not be ruined.

(11)  Use a binder clip to protect the head of shaving razors.

(12)  Pack your hair clips in Tic Tac containers.

It is always a good idea to hydrate during your flight so are refreshed the next day.

At the Airport

(1)  Check in online before you arrive at the airport.

(2)  Want free Wi-Fi? Check out the comments section in Four Square for free Wi-Fi hotspots.

(3)  Most times, rewards lounges have unsecure Wi-Fi networks. Make the most out of it.

(4)  Wear slippers / shoes that are easy to take off.

(5)  Follow the cabin crew. They know the best places to eat.

(6)  Avoid check in luggage as much as possible. You will save a ton of time at the airport.

(7)  Ask the attendant to put up a fragile sticker on your bag at the check-in counter. Your bag will be out of the carousel first.

(8)  Avoid queue that has large families. Security check may be slower.

(9)  Avoid the first bathroom in the terminal.

(10)  Well-dressed people have a better chance for an upgrade.

(11)  Avoid currency exchange at the airport. They offer bad exchange rates. Head to an ATM to withdraw money if needed. A company like Charles Schwab waives all foreign exchange and domestic ATM fees.

(12)  If you are a doctor, state that during check-in. Volunteer to help in case of an emergency. You may win a free upgrade.

Charles Schwab reimburses you for any domestic and international ATM fees. There is no minimum to sign up for a Schwab account!

On the Flight

(1)  Set your clock to the destination time once you board. Try and sleep during night hours by using melatonin and stay up during day hours. That would help your body adapt to the change in time zone.

(2)  Apply moisturizer, put a warm towel on your face, and nap. You will be refreshed upon landing!

(3)  If you are on a long flight, carry ear plugs and eye masks. It helps you sleep better even when the aircraft’s lights are on.

(4)  Opt for a vegetarian or vegan meal on your flight. You will be served first.

When You Get There

(1)  Download the Google Translator language package before getting to your destination to use it offline. Learn few words in the local language — words like Thank you, No, Yes, Hello, Where, How much? How long? Toilet, Police, and Taxi.

(2)  Download XE currency converter app. You can access live exchange rates and see if you have a good offer.

(3)  A lot of countries are well connected and easy to commute using public transport.

(4)  Keep a copy of your passport emailed to your personal e-mail account.

(5)  Find local souvenirs from grocery shops and non-touristy locations. They are different and value for money.

(6)  Spread money across your bags and have some in your wallet.

(7)  Use Google Maps offline saying “OK Maps” and saving the map of the area for access.

(8)  Do not ask cab drivers where to go. They will take you to places that give them commission. Ask the locals.

(9) I would avoid cab drivers in general, unless you really need to take one. Uber and other ride sharing apps are available in other countries.

Uber is widely available in Europe and Latin America, as well as Australia.

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