Most Useful Travel Hacks: Part 2

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Over the last year, I traveled to seven different countries. That being said, I learned some interesting ways to be headache-free while traveling abroad. You can see hacks 1-6 in the prior post. In this post, I will be talking about hacks 7-15.

7. It is OK to Recycle Your Clothes

When I went to Europe, there were all types of weather. In Poland, it was cold and the sun set early. In England and Scotland, it rained every day. I pretty much bought old clothes and recycled them after each trip. There are a lot of charities and second-hand stores across the world. You can Google for Oxfam, Salvation Army, or “donate clothes.”

There are bargain stores everywhere where you can buy the clothes you need and recycle something you brought. I try to emotionally de-attach myself to my clothes. Over the last year, I only spent around $200 on clothes and recycled 80% of it.

You also get a tax benefit for the value at cost for your clothes that you donate! More on that tax deduction here.

8. A Better Way to Do Laundry

Most people I know have done laundry on their hotel rooms: dumping some bath gel into the hotel sink and doing it all by hand. This works fine, but there is a better way!

Most hotels provide a laundry service and give you bags for what you want cleaned. This service is expensive. Some hotels have coin laundries, but we are not bringing enough clothes to justify this.

A super easy way to do laundry is to fill the laundry bag to half and add a few squirts of Dr. Bonner’s soap. Then shake. The bag will foam and then you can dump your clothes in. Roll the bag around the tub and keep it in there for thirty minutes.

Turn the bag upside down while holding it semi-closed. Water will come out. Refill the bag 2 more times to get rid of the soap. You are done.

9. Drying With Hangers and a Line

To dry clothes, I typically use the hangers in the closet. If I have more clothes with me, I will bring a drying line. The drying line that I recommend can be found on Amazon below:

— Potable Travel Clothesline by Solid —

10. Quick Dry Everything with a Towel

If you need some undies quickly, you can lay a towel on the floor, put your undies inside, fold a towel over them, and then roll it as tightly as you can. Sit on the towel for 5 minutes and you will have them completely dry. For towels, use the hotel’s or buy your own on Amazon.

— Outfitters Towel by Wise Owl —

11. Washing Clothes with Shampoo

Shampoo is pretty good laundry detergent, so I would wash any clothes quickly, wrap it in a towel, and then put it under an iron. Within 5 minutes the thing was almost perfectly dry. You can do the same with a blow dryer as well. I always bring a compact container of shampoo that I can refill when I get home.

12. Coffee!

I like good coffee but when I travel, I have to let that idea go. Hotels will offer you instant coffee, but if you want anything better, you will need to go to your local Starbucks.

This is even worse when you are jet-lagged. If you want something right now, I generally turn to Starbucks VIA Instant or these brands, for those who do not like Starbucks.

13. How to Heat Water with a Little Tool

Most hotels will give you a coffee maker for instant coffee. If you are at the airport and want to save money on coffee, use a submersible water heater. You can heat water directly in your coffee mug and make coffee on-the-spot. I personally recommend these brands below:

— Instant Immersion Heater by Norpro —

14. A Better Coffee Mug

Most places will have coffee mugs in their rooms. I am untrusting, so I bring my personal cup. I have yet to find a cup as versatile and useful as this one, by MEWAY. I can put two packets of coffee in here and it stays hot in the cold mornings. Later, I can put a nice cold beer or some water that I have lifted from breakfast.

You can also find more travel mugs here.

15. All-Purpose Shoes

I convince myself that I need a pair of dress pair and a pair for walking and exercising. This is almost never the case, but I still give in anyway.

Get a pair of trainers that doubles down as semi-formal dress shoes. If you get some comfortable, non-cotton performance socks, you have something that dries incredibly fast.

I found some black fashion sneakers on sale for $30 — an amazing deal — and have been wearing them for the last year. Here are the womens’ black fashion sneakers. I soaked them last night as I was walking around, but I had my polyester socks so my feet were fine. I put the blow dryer on my shoes for 5 minutes and they were dry.

Black fashion sneakers go well with pretty much anything, even in formal wear.

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