Is the Beyond Meat Burger Healthy?

Nowadays, it seems like you cannot go to a restaurant without seeing an Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger. What is the big deal with these burgers? Are they healthy for us? Are they same as veggie burgers, or completely different?

Here are a few answers below:

Question 1. What Goes Into a Beyond Meat Burger?

The Beyond Meat burger is made to replace meat and is marketed as plant-based. These burgers use pea, wheat, and soy proteins, all of which are heavily processed and refined.

That being said, GMO crops like soy and wheat are heavily sprayed with toxic herbicides, which harm our microbiome and is linked to increased cancer risk. Other ingredients include food starch, yeast extract, and dextrose.

The Beyond Burger and Impossible Burger are made of proteins isolated from plants. Other ingredients include oils, starches, and other additives.

Question 2. How are These Different From a Veggie Burger?

A veggie burger is shredded vegetables formed into a patty.

Beyond Meat burgers are not veggie burgers — they are strictly a meat substitute that uses technology to mimic the taste and texture of beef. These “fake” burgers are made up of water, synthetic proteins, oils, and flavorings.

Question 3. Are These Burgers Actually Healthy?

If you have a choice between a Beyond Meat burger and a grass-fed burger, the grass-fed burger is the much healthier option. Grass-fed beef provides natural sources of iron, B vitamins, protein, and zinc that are added as synthetic ingredients to fake burgers.

If you are choosing a Beyond Meat burger and a traditional grain-fed burger, the Beyond Meat burger “may” be a healthier option. You would be avoiding inflammatory fats, hormones, and antibiotics from a conventional grain-fed burger.

Question 4. Why are These Burger so Trendy Right Now?

There is always going to be a new food trend; some new product people have been promised will be better health-wise.

Being plant-based is better for our environmental and climate problems. However, this is not better than eating foods in their natural state. Savvy food marketing and misinformation have taken over — people think they are doing the right thing for their health and planet, so these fake burgers have gained popularity.

Question 4. What If I Am Trying to Reduce Red Meat From My Diet?

There are plenty of other really delicious whole foods that we can eat without turning to processed fake meats and without needing to eat red meat every meal.

Fish, nuts, poultry, beans, and grains such as quinoa are good protein substitutes. Vegans need to pay special attention to getting enough complete protein, along with vital nutrients like B12, omega-3 fats, and iron.

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