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Video Speed Controller: How I Save 5 Hours a Week on Watching TV

It’s pretty obvious that when you’re watching television or videos online, you’re not doing anything else.

Want to save a few hours when going through slow YouTube videos or binge-watching a long TV series? Speed up the videos that you are watching at 1.5x or 2.0x the speed.

1. Download the Video Speed Controller Extension

You can use a browser extension called Video Speed Controller to speed up videos on ALL websites.

You can add the extension in the link here (for Google Chrome) or here (for Firefox). If you’re using the Safari browser for Mac, you’d need to pay for an app called Speedifier here, which you can download on the App Store.

The extension is compatible with all video players: YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, etc.

The Video Speed Controller extension for Google Chrome is an excellent application for speeding up and slowing down videos.
Firefox has a similar application.

2. Speeding up and slowing down videos

You can adjust the speed of your video using keyboard shortcuts. The controls are automatically set to “S” for decrease and “D” to increase the video speed.

You can control the video playback speed on the top-left hand corner: courtesy of YouTube.
You can control the playback speed on Amazon as well.

3. Changing the keyboard shortcuts

To change the keyboard shortcuts and settings, adjust them in your extensions bar.

You can easily change the keyboard shortcuts using the application settings.

Assume you watch three TV episodes a day at 30 minutes each using Netflix. This totals 90 minutes of television time. If you play these videos at twice the speed, the savings are potentially 45 minutes per day. On a weekly basis, this is 5 ¼ hours saved. Yearly, this is 273 hours (12 days) of time savings!

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